Campus Histories

St Anthony of Padua

As the oldest parish of Minneapolis, St. Anthony of Padua derives
its name from its location near St. Anthony Falls on the Mississippi
River adjacent to downtown Minneapolis. St. Anthony Falls was named
by a Belgian missionary priest, Fr. Louis Hennepin in 1680, who gave
the falls that name in honor of the devotion he had to St. Anthony
of Padua.

St Anthony of Padua Catholic Church image

St Clement

Saint Clement Parish had its beginnings in April 1902 in a little
white frame church at 25th Avenue and Quincy Street with the arrival
of the first Pastor, Reverend Robert Fitzgerald. Father Fitzgerald
organized the construction of the present church with the laying of
the cornerstone on September 7th, 1913. The new building was
dedicated by Archbishop John Ireland on May 24th, 1914.

St Clements Catholic Church Image

St Hedwig

The roots of St. Hedwig Parish trace back through the fifty nearly 100 years of its life
to the seed that fell alongside of its parental tree, Holy Cross parish of Minneapolis.
Named after a polish patron Saint, St. Hedwig’s celebrated it first Mass on Christmas day 1914.
Because St. Hedwig’s began with the purchase of 6 neighborhood lots and the help of 16 devoted
parishioners it has been informally named as the Peoples’ Church.
St Hedwig’s offers daily Mass and spiritual growth for the attached River Village Eldercare Community

St Hedwigs Catholic Church Image