Baptism Registration Form

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Name of child to be baptized
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Name of Mother
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Has the father received the sacrament of Confirmation? *
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Only one godparent is necessary but if there are two it must be one godfather and one godmother. Both must be regularly practicing Catholics in good standing with the Church. If instead of a second Catholic godparent you have a friend or relative who is a baptized non-Catholic and wish to have him or her stand with you as a "Christian Witness" to the baptism of your child, you may do so. Please indicate by the appropriate selection on the dropdown menu.

A parish Baptism Catechesis will be held on the second Saturday of the month at 9:45am at Holy Cross.

All parents desiring baptism for a child under the age of seven years must register and attend the Baptism Catechesis before we can schedule for a Baptism date at Holy Cross, St. Hedwig, or St. Clement. One should register for Baptism Catechesis one month in advance. Let us know if you plan to attend our next Baptism Catechesis by calling the parish office at

Expectant parents need not wait until the birth of their child in order to receive the Baptism Catechesis and register for a Baptism date, but are encouraged to do so in the final two months of pregnancy.