The Good Shephard Speaks

The Fourth Sunday of Easter has colloquially come to be known each year as Good Shepherd Sunday. In some dioceses  —including in Rome—it is the occasion of the annual priestly ordinations. Interestingly, the three readings of today’s liturgy all take the form of a good shepherd speaking to the flock: St. Peter in the Acts of the Apostles; St. John in his first epistle; Christ Himself in the tenth chapter of John’s Gospel.

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Adoration and Communion: What God has Joined Together, Let Us Not Separate

This weekend we are celebrating our annual Forty Hours Devotion here at Holy Cross. The Forty Hours has been kept by our parish faithfully for....a very long time! It is one of the greatest badges of honor for Catholicism in the Northeast. On behalf of Fr. Howe I can say it has become one of our greatest privileges since our assignment here to be able to take the torch passed to us by Fr. Glen Jenson and carry on this tradition.

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The Abundant Graces of Forty Hours

Each year the Second Sunday of Lent draws our attention to the mystery of Our Lord’s dazzling transfiguration on a high mountain. Popular piety points to Mount Tabor as the place where this event took place. Certainly the basilica that has crowned that peak in the Holy Land since about 400 AD attests to the ancient tradition that Christ’s transfiguration took place there.

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