Eucharistic Adoration at Holy Cross


In May of 1993, two parishioners on pilgrimage in Medjugorje were inspired to begin Eucharistic Adoration at Holy Cross. Upon arriving home they drafted a proposal for the founding of an adoration chapel and presented it to the Parish Council. Then pastor Fr. Frank Decowski, approving the proposal, agreed to set aside the convent chapel for the purpose, and adoration began on October 7th of that year.

In 1993 a Marian Conference was held in St. Paul, and Holy Cross Parishioner Irene Jakus was the overjoyed winner of a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Medjugorje. Realizing that the statue was far too lovely to keep to all herself, she donated it to the Holy Cross adoration chapel. The statue of Our Lady was placed on a stand built by parish craftsman John Tomczyk, and a short time later a hand-crafted wooden altar was built, modeled after the high altar in the Holy Cross sanctuary.

adoration chapel.jpg

At present the parish is blessed with ninety-four regular adorers and twenty-six substitutes, all are welcome to add themselves to their number. The chapel is well-stocked with devotional helps such as rosaries, copies of the sacred scriptures, and guides to mental prayer and the art of Eucharistic Adoration.