Baptism at Holy Cross

Baptisms for children under seven years old are held at the following campuses and times:

  • Holy Cross (Sunday 830am between the 730am and 930am Masses)

  • St. Clement (Sunday 12 noon after 11am Mass)

  • St. Hedwig (Saturday 5pm after 4pm Mass).

A parish Baptism Catechesis will be held on the second Saturday of the month at 9:45am at Holy Cross. All parents desiring baptism for a child under the age of seven years must attend a Baptism Catechesis, after which they can register for a Baptism date at Holy Cross, Hedwig, or Clement. Families should register for Baptism Catechesis at least one month in advance.

Expectant parents need not wait until the birth of their child in order to receive the Baptism Catechesis and register for a Baptism date, but are encouraged to do so in the final two months of pregnancy. The Church recommends that couples have their children baptized within 14 days after they are born. If this is not possible we strongly encourage Baptism within 30 days of birth.

Children seven years or older must complete our program for Baptism preparation, given as a two-year class through Holy Cross Family Faith Formation. Click here for information on enrollment.