How to Become Catholic (RCIA)

RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. For any adult age 18 or older who has not been baptized (catechumen), or who has been baptized (whether as a Catholic or as a Protestant) but has not received the sacrament of Confirmation (candidate), RCIA is the normal path of preparation for reception of these Sacraments of Initiation. RCIA is also open to any adult Catholic (18+) who simply wants to experience an in-depth “refresher” on the Catholic faith.

In RCIA we ask and answer such questions as: What is Christianity? Who is God? What is the relation of Jesus Christ to God? What is the Church? How does a Catholic read the Bible? How does the Mass relate to Christian faith? How do I live as a faithful Catholic Christian? Why Catholic and not Protestant? What is the Catholic view of sex and marriage? What are the Sacraments? And many more.

RCIA at Holy Cross begins in August with the Inquiry Period and continues through the fourth week of Easter. If you are interested in joining RCIA please fill out and submit the Inquiry Form and we will contact you about the next step.