A Word of Welcome to Holy Cross


Our world seems to grow increasingly frenzied and detached from reality. We note this mounting insanity in many regards: in pace, in pursuit of pleasure and possessions, in forgetfulness of the most important things, in violence and fragmentation, in how we understand the human person, in reluctance to pursue the truth.

Against the background of our world’s growing instability, the Christian Faith—ever ancient, ever new—shines forth with new relevance and promise. The Lord gives us the means, living within the life of the Church, drawing upon the graces of the Sacraments and strengthened by fellowship among believers, to establish our lives upon the solid rock. We have taken as a point of reference at this critical time in our parish history the simple insight of St. Bruno, the eleventh century founder of the Carthusian Order, “As the word spins the Cross stands firm”.

We hope that our parish can be a home, a place to put down roots and grow, to find healing and strength through life’s travails, to find authentic community among believers, to discover the firmness and stability of Roman Catholicism in this contemporary age of instability and forgetfulness of faith. May the Cross of Christ be our cornerstone, our anchor and our true hope!