A Sevenfold Miscelleny In Honor Of The Holy Spririt

The Holy Spirit is spoken of in the theological tradition as the bringer of seven spiritual gifts. Permit me to offer my bulletin article on this glorious Feast of Pentecost in the form of a seven-point ‘grape shot’, with hope that the Holy Spirit can weave them together into a coherent message of encouragement:

Last Friday’s Architectural Excursion and Bus Pilgrimage was a huge hit. All fifty pilgrims and our coach driver enjoyed ourselves immensely if the exhaustion upon our return was any indicator. We packed half-a-dozen churches (and the Cold Spring Grasshopper Chapel) into one day and quite a few miles in between! The itinerary was made up of churches built by Victor Cordella, the beloved architect of Holy Cross and several NE churches. My personal favorite was the modest Holy Cross Church in North Prairie (near Bawlus, MN). Their welcome committee was spirited to beat the band! Jaws dropped at the grandeur of our final stop, Our Lady of Lourdes in Little Falls, a beautiful town on the shore of the Mississippi. Special thanks are due to Joan Turpin, Fr. Stan, Mark Dillon, Dr. Geoffrey Gyrisco and Michael Retka. Their organization and studied preparation made for a great day of learning, prayer and enjoyment. It was a great day to journey with Our Lady on the Feast of her Visitation. There is already chatter about the destination of our next outing.

This weekend we are thrilled to host the start of the Fifteenth Annual Northeast Eucharistic Procession. We begin with exposition at Holy Cross at 3 pm on Sunday, June 9th and embark on a procession with visits to six other Northeast churches (including two Eastern Rite churches) concluding at All Saints and followed by refreshments at St.

Maron’s Cedars Hall. Free parking and a shuttle bus service are available at St. Maron at University and 7th Ave NE. Come one, come all! Should weather not cooperate, the entire procession will take place at St. Maron. If you are picking up this bulletin as a visitor to Holy Cross this weekend for the procession, welcome! Procedamus in pace; in nomine Christi! Let us go forth in peace; in the name of Christ!

The Holy Cross Women’s Rosary Guild is to be commended for their generous gift that allowed for the purchase of a festal altar frontal, tabernacle veil, and altar cloths for the Holy Cross sanctuary. They were produced by a local Catholic woman who creates beautiful vestments and altar cloths. This gold and red brocade is worthy to commemorate some of the high points of the liturgical year including Ascension and Pentecost, Exaltation of the Cross, Christmas, and more. While on the topic of thanking them for this gift, I would mention that in keeping with the ‘Altar and Rosary Society’ tradition theygenerously furnish flowers for the altars and assist with cleaning the sanctuary and side altars to keep Holy Cross looking so beautiful. While they do not meet during the summer, they are always open to new members.

On the topic of church furnishings, watch for a fuller status report in the next week or two on the St. Hedwig finishing touches. Many generous gifts and memorials have been received; I express gratitude on behalf of the whole parish for all who have contributed. There are still a few gaps to bringing the overall project to conclusion. Three areas to be aware of that still need funding are the statue of St. Hedwig, the wooden ambo (or pulpit) and a more permanent baptismal font. Envelopes are still available at each of our churches if you wish to make a contribution. We are in the process of finalizing orders on a few of the items while others are still in the planning phases including the Divine Mercy image and the newly-commissioned forward altar and ambo. A processional crucifix was just acquired which is used for the firsttime this weekend. It is beautiful with the four arms of the cross decorated with the symbols of the four evangelists. The light dimmers and scene controls have added great dignity to our worship and the layout of the space is proving to be very functional for funerals, Masses and other devotions. Questions can be directed to Pat Stockhaus or me.

School is out—for the summer! Congratulations to the eighth grade graduates from St. John Paul II School as well as to any high school graduates from the parish. Well done! While we don’t have an official Baccalaureate Mass we promise our prayers for you and ask the seven-fold gifts of the Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you forward into holiness. Congratulations! Stay close to Christ and His Church. If you are going away to school in the fall, it is not too early to check out the Newman Connection (online at www.NewmanConnection.com) an amazing initiative under the patronage of Bl. John Henry Newman, the great English Convert, Cardinal and Second Founder of the Oratory. For all of us, especially students, teachers, educators, parents and priests, let’s make sure to enjoy summer and the respite that it offers. As the old adage goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

JPII School is not taking the summer off completely—they are planning to get out into the neighborhood for Northeast Open Streets on August 4 and some of the other neighborhood happenings. Enrollment is open for the coming year. I express my appreciation for Principal Tricia Menzhuber, who just completed her first year at JPII, as well as to her outstanding teachers and staff and to Fr. Kevin Finnegan who has served so energetically as chaplain and booster. In the beloved language of our patron, the Polish Pontiff, “Dziekuje bardzo—Thank you very much!”

With this weekend’s Feast of Pentecost, I would like to draw attention to a calligraphied banner hanging from the choir loft at St. Clement. It was a freebee from a closed Catholic bookstore, but has become a fitting invocation of the Holy Spirit over St. Clement from Art-A-Whirl until now. The Latin text reads, “Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created and you shall renew the face of the earth”. Those who attend St. Clement this weekend will note the red rose petals spread on the floor of the sanctuary—a Roman tradition that symbolizes the tongues of fire that lit upon the Apostles at Pentecost. Try searching “Pantheon Pentecost” on YouTube and you will get the effect. Come, Holy Spirit! There are my seven points. That’s a wrap for this week.

Fr. Howe