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Adoration and Communion: What God has Joined Together, Let Us Not Separate

This weekend we are celebrating our annual Forty Hours Devotion here at Holy Cross. The Forty Hours has been kept by our parish faithfully for....a very long time! It is one of the greatest badges of honor for Catholicism in the Northeast. On behalf of Fr. Howe I can say it has become one of our greatest privileges since our assignment here to be able to take the torch passed to us by Fr. Glen Jenson and carry on this tradition.

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The Riches Hidden in Christ

This weekend more than forty couples from our parish attended our Cana Dinner at Elsie’s to give thanks for the gift of marriage and rededicate themselves to living it as a path of holiness. Our prayers are with them and with our engaged couples preparing to enter into the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. May they be fortified to live out their marriage vows....

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