Faith Formation

About Holy Cross Family Faith formation

The Family Faith Formation program at Holy Cross encompasses three core concepts:

Holistic: The program involves the whole parish, the whole family, and the whole person centered around Christ and His Church.

Active: The program regularly cycles through diverse approaches to faith formation in order to ensure engagement and energy.

Intuitive: The program engages the whole family in Catholic teaching, active-participatory liturgical formation, and an encounter with God in Jesus Christ through Sacred Scripture, while seeking to establish contact between objective faith and the subjectivity of human life in our time.

Level 1 (Prep Level),  Grades K-1
Level 2 (First Reconciliation and Communion), Grade 2
Level 3, Grades 3-4
Level 4, Grades 5-6
Confirmation Year I, Grade 7+
Confirmation Year II, Grade 8+

Receiving sacraments at Holy Cross is a two-year process. Children enter at Level 1 for a prep level course and in Level 2, they will receive Reconciliation and Communion. Likewise, those wishing to receive Confirmation will enter in Confirmation Year I and receive Confirmation in Year II.
It is strongly suggested and encouraged to remain in the Family Formation program for Level 3 and Level 4 prior to entering Confirmation Year I. Our Program is all about helping the family to grow and stay together in their faith, as well as grow in communion with the community and parish as a whole!
Those 10+ years olds who have not receive First Reconciliation and Communion will need to take a separate Sacramental Prep Class.

Goals of Family Faith Formation:

1. To foster a real and true parish community of Roman Catholic believers who know how to live out their faith.

2. To help families educate their children in the faith in a solid, faithful, interesting, and active way.

3. To prepare children in the parish to receive the sacraments appropriate for their age and/or readiness.

Family Faith Formation Registration

Grades: Kindergarten through Confirmation

For 2019-2020 formation year registration and other pertinent information, stay tuned to this page in the summer of 2019.